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Traveling the World for Almost Free

An ultimate guide to gathering and using frequent flyer miles so you can travel again and again
by Amy Colón

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Welcome to Big Story Living, travel friends!What a joy it is to share this most personal heart project with you. As a wife and mom who became determined to travel EVERYWHERE with my family years ago, I set out on a mission to travel hack our way through the world. Guess what? It worked! Now, with all of this information swirling around in my head, all I want to do is share it with you. . .and keep traveling, of course.I'm also convinced that intentionally exploring the globe while inviting your faith to join you in the journey makes every adventure even more rich. So, my ultimate mission is to help you make your world travel dreams come true while also inspiring a focus on faith that will take you far beyond the typical touristy holiday experience.In this space you will find practical tips and tricks to travel the world for "almost free," as well as stories, inspiration, "at home travel" ideas, and even opportunities to travel with me. We'll dive into all of this while keeping one eye on the world and the other on the Creator of it all.I hope you'll take time to follow Big Story Living on Instagram @bigstoryliving and sign up for my biweekly newsletter below, where you can receive a little travel love in your inbox each Tuesday and Saturday.Finally, jumpstart your travel plans by downloading my new ebook (Coming April 2022). With this you can quickly learn everything you need to know about frequent flyer miles, how to gather a giant bank of this most valuable currency and assure your ability to travel the world not just once but again and again.Happy Travels!

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Our March 2023 journey to central europe filled up fast!!Watch this space for more exciting opportunities to travel into your next chapter with Big Story Living in 2023. the next curated journey will be announced in january 2023. contact amy below to be among the first to discover all the details

  • Learn first-hand how to travel the world for "almost free"

  • Put your skills to the test on a 10 day holiday to Europe with Amy as your guide

  • Travel slowly and with the intention of savoring each day as it comes...with one eye on Jesus and the other eye on the world

  • Share the experience and cost with new travel friends

  • Be challenged to "find your own way" so you are prepared to travel again and again on your own

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Are you planning an adventure, but don't know where to start? I'm available to dream with you and help you get confidently and cheaply from point A to B and beyond. I will curate the perfect itinerary that is sure to meet your budget AND go beyond your expectations. Just Contact me below with your travel dreams, and we can chat. It would be my pleasure to assist in making them all come true. (hourly rates apply) You will receive:

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